I know a photographer who charge lesser than you. The quality of output ‘promised’ is the same, but the prices vary! Why should I hire you, by paying for your higher price tag?

Photography is not a commodity. It’s an art form. And like every other art form it requires expertise, experience and above all a special calling and insight. Thus, we aren’t interested in fighting with a competitor by offering low prices and quotes.

We are good at what we do and we know it very well. Our promises are realistic and we have a great track record of over 10 years in this niche market, with hundreds of satisfied clients.

By charging what we are worth, we are in a position to deliver you what you are worth, and we stay committed to ensure you the very best of our services each and every time.

What are your payment terms?

25% of total package rate or specially quoted rate as booking advance, preferably 20 days ahead of the event date, 50% at the time of event, and balance before final delivery.

Does Colours Productions do videography / cinematography?

Apart from our in-house production team for videography and cinematography, we work in close association with highly experienced and talented professional cinematographers, editors and colourists.

We would love to explain if you need to know the details and shall be happy to quote for the kind of movie you require for your wedding. Anyways, please browse through our tariff (link) page for some basic details.

I want a wedding album. Can you quote for this?

We do have packages which includes albums too. We are also ready to offer you a customized album, the one that you have in mind - the size, texture, finish, etc. in all possible ways.

How long will it take to deliver the edited pics and albums?

We can deliver all edited pics in a week’s time after the event day. The time for album designing and printing depends on the category and specification that you’ve opted for.

For designing the albums we need your feedback on the pictures at hand, and the selection must be (preferably) made from your side.

After we do the album layout with the pictures you’ve selected, there will be an online preview which you will have to confirm. And, after your confirmation, we proceed with the printing.

Albums will be ready for delivery within a week of the preview confirmation.So, time for selecting pics and time for preview confirmation matters.

Which cameras and lenses do you use?

It’s not the camera make or model that creates the magic in a photograph. It’s all about the person / team behind the equipment.

Anyways, we always use the latest and the very best equipment (FCP, Red, Nikon, Apple, Arri, Adobe, CS6, Cannon etc.) to capture and process the magical moments of your wedding / event in the form of eye-catching stills and heartwarming movies!

Professional cinema cameras like Red andArri are used only for clients who request for it, well in advance.

In what kind of paper do you print your albums?

For album prints we usually use the best metallic paper available. In case you want a different choice, we’ve got 8 different paper options, and 11 different album cover options.

Will you be covering for both the bride and groom sides, in a single wedding?

Yes, it will be more easy and economical, if one company covers for both the bride and the groom. Moreover there will be great coordination and strategic advantages for us, in planning and setting ourselves for the best ever frames of the event!

Do you offer single side packages?

Why not? We do offer both types packages. But ‘both side’ packages are better in more ways than one. And it definitely has its economic advantages too.

Where are you located?Should we arrange transportation?

We are from Cochin and require transportation for locations outside the metro, which we shall arrange on our behalf, and charge accordingly.

If all transportation requirements can be arranged perfectly from your side, well and good. If so, obviously, there won’t be any transportation charges / bill from our side.

What is your basic travel agenda, when you go to cover an event / wedding?

Car / MUV (Innova, Bolero, etc.) for local transport, preferably train for 6 to 8 hours of travel and flight for above 8 hours of travel

Have you ever covered a PentecostalChristian wedding or a Tamil Brahmin wedding before?

Yes of course, we are familiar withweddings of almost all cultures, religions and castes. For the wedding styles and cultures we don’t have adequate exposure, we make it a point to do all necessary research in consultation with all the important people involved.

Please check our blogor, website or FB page for our wedding photos and videos from a varying spectrums of culture and rituals.

Is there any chance for discounts if we book more than one wedding? Can I expect a discount, based on the recommendation from any of our mutual friends / references? Any discounts if I am booking really early?

Discounts are not our forte and we don’t offer them to attract more business. Our motto is to do everything possible to ensure you the excitement and satisfaction you get seeing the moments we’ve freezed for you, and the little broadcast quality musical movie we’ve shot for you! Trust us, no discounts can ever give you the sheer joy you get this way!

Is the amount quoted the absolute minimum or is there any scope for discounts?

The amount quoted for the customized package, and the ones mentioned in the regular packages, are not negotiable.

Apart from that, we are always ready to plan an appropriate solution for low budget customers.Also, please read the full answer to question number 13, and also the last paragraph of the answer to question number 01.

Do you offer event management services?

Even though we aren’t really projecting it as a product / service offered by us, we do professional event management solutions, in association with our close associates, at major metros in India. We also have our own arrangements for your event management requirements,across Kerala.

What all add-on services can we expect from Colours Productions?

We keep abreast with the latest technology and equipment which is related to our core interest area of photography, videography, and cinematography. And we have the right connections and tie-ups to ensure it for you.

Thus, we can arrange all these add-on services for you, if requested well in advance! - Creative wedding invitation design, jimmyjib,big cinematic cranes, Helicam (helicopter camera), spot editing, instant photo printing service, live event telecast on Plasma/LED TV or via projector, live web casting, underwater shoot, video clips for sangeeth functions, photographic pull-up stands, photographic stage backdrops, etc.

What is the best time to book you all for our event coverage?

The right time book us is ‘as early as possible’coz we serve on ‘first come first serve’ basis!We have two separate full-fledged teams for wedding/event coverage, and thus we don’t entertain more than 2 assignments at a time.

Can we suggest the song for video and highlight video?

Yes you can, but you are advised to make a strong decision on that, coz it would be very difficult to replace the song once the editing process progresses, or if it’s finished.

BUT, the very best and safe option always, is to leave the song selection to our creative department. With their expertise, the team will always select the song that best suits your situation and the kind of video footage (rushes) of your event that we have at hand.

What is the size of your album?

When it’s opened our album is of 14 inch height and 24 inch width. The size of the album in its closed form is 14 inch height and 12 inch width

What is the weight of your standard 40 sheet album?

The weight of our standard 40 sheet album is approximately 2.5 kg.