Post your Testimonials

Post your Testimonials

“I was interested in photography and I wished to get a good photographer for my wedding, which was in 2009. But as I couldn’t find anyone at that time close to my hometown Thrissur, I had to adjust with the supposedly best ones there, and they actually were the typical sort.

When it came to my sister’s wedding this year, I should say it was a different story as I was lucky to find ‘Colours Productions’. I guess I got their contact from one of the wedding videos posted by one of my friends on YouTube. I then had a look around their website and was impressed with their photography. I was even happier that I could find someone based in Cochin, close to Thrissur who was taking pictures the offbeat way! Having found the rates reasonable, I then booked them for my sister’s big day.

From that moment, I should say I was impressed with the communication and interaction I have had with Vinod, Fijoyand the entire team. I had taken prints of some wedding photographs I had seen online and while discussing this with Vinod, I could see that he clearly understood my requirements. I was then later delighted to see all the pictures as I had requested, plus some bonus ones too. I think the overall beauty in their pictures was due to their ability to see and capture the event differently.

The album quality and video was also exceptional. We had to go through a couple of iterations for the wedding video to make it apt for our family, which I think ‘Colours’ did exceptionally well. The wedding trailer video which they prepared was also well received by our friends and gave a whole new feeling to watching wedding videos.

Don’t lose the humility and keep up the good work, which I am sure you will!!! And I hope to work with you guys sometime soon, or I am sure I will bump into you guys at some wedding where you would be busy clicking. All the best Team Colours!”


I rate them higher and I am a big fan of their pictures!


4 stars for Team Colours!


A worthy team, that’s worth a million words!


Excellent photography, consistently!


Awesome pics from an awesome team :-)


Fijoy and his team at Colours Productions truly know how to bring real life and colours into pictures!


I am always waiting for new photos and new ideas from Colours Productions. I simply keep visiting their FB page for that and I am always impressed.


Colours Productions. Stupendous fantabulously fantastic guys!!! :) Now, I need to have a family photoshoot with this vibrant team!


Excellent in candid photography and cinematography. The kind of clicks and frames that surprises you for its sheer beauty and life! It’s a 10 out of 10 rating from me for Colours Productions!


Excellent photography and videography, in each and every event. Any day, the team deserves a 5 star rating!


You guys deserve the very best ratings, so it’s 5 stars from me! And like Abraham Lincoln said, “There are no bad pictures; that's just how your face looks sometimes”


“Both me and my husband have a keen interest in photography as a hobby, and as a result one of the most important wedding-related decisions was the photographer that we finally chose. I was insistent on finding people who would not take a traditional approach to wedding photography; people who experimented, people who would capture the flavour and moments of the day. An additional challenge is that neither of us particularly love the camera; I've always been self-conscious and I really didn't want my wedding photographs to reflect my awkward, posed bride face. I had constant nightmares how I would deal with the photographers on that day. And finally, I was very particular that I would not have big flashes and photographers running across the stage and ruining it for all the guests who had come to celebrate the occasion. As you can see, I could probably be classified as a demanding, opinionated customer.